So pleased with the help Jade provided. We just completed four training sessions and can't believe the difference it made.
Before Jade, we had completed all levels of training at a big chain pet store and, while our dog Cabo could do all sorts of commands, we still struggled with obedience (taking things and eating them, jumping to greet people, etc.). We thought that that was just the best our dog could do. But when my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby we knew we had to at least try for something better. We didn't want our dog taking a baby's toys, jumping on my pregnant belly, or swallowing things she shouldn't.
Jade helped big time! She had a compassionate approach that is also very effective.  She "gets" dogs and what makes them tick and turns that knowledge into smart training that actually works. I appreciated that her approach was positive, without shock collars or negative reinforcement, and not treat based, since you don't always have treats in hand.
Now that our baby is here we can leave out toys (never thought that could happen!) without fear of Cabo stealing them. We can also bring guests to our house without Cabo jumping on them. The work isn't "done;" Jade made sure we understood that we will have to work with Cabo her whole life so she stays on top of her new skills, but things are so much better than before. Jade gave us and Cabo the skills we all need to succeed as a family of four.

Nora, Phoenix AZ

I just received the best text - we are in the middle of moving to a new house and our friends took our pup for the day since they have a great fenced in yard and they said she was such a good listener now and behaving so well! I seriously sit and beam with puppy momma pride!  I knew she was well behaved now with me and the hubs but the fact that I got that text from a friend who doesn't know the ins and outs of the training we went through just made me want to cry tears of joy!  Jade is amazing. We have a pit mix who is the sweetest and under all that energetic jumping and happy tail syndrome, we knew we had a really good girl....she just needed some help. Jade's approach proved to be the best. I admit, we tried the dominance thing - the yelling, spanking etc. trying to get her to behave, but every approach Jade used was the opposite - and IT WORKED.  Let's be honest - the dog training isn't about training the dog - it's about training the humans. It is a lot of work for the humans but it's totally worth it to have a great dog who is awesome on a leash, well behaved in public (and at friend's houses) and a dog who gets compliments on her behavior all the time.  I recommend Jade one million percent. She is so kind, so patient and so knowledgeable. She works with your schedules and comes to your house. Our first few visits were at our house and then our last was at a Lowes. She relates all the training to real life - shes able to relate it back to things that totally make sense.
I LOVE JADE!  You need to call her right now if you have a misbehaving fur baby. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT ONE I want to hug her right now!

Krista, Phoenix, AZ

Jade Tamara of Team Canine is a great choice for your dog trainer. Not only is she very knowledgeable about animal behavior but, you can trust she will not be using any harsh techniques with your dog. Some people have a special way with animals and Jade is definitely one of them. On a scale from 1-10, Team Canine is a 10!
Dawn Denise Brown, Phoenix, AZ


Thank you for working with us and our dogs. your advice has been invaluable!
Candy Zeimer  Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue

You have a memorable way of teaching: your tone of voice, your consistency, your humor and especially your well thought out and tested solutions to challenges: like keeping Ivy off the end table that holds my wine! Thank you!
Jan, Paradise Valley, AZ

Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance with our dog dilemma! Tucker now lives with a friend of ours and stays very spoiled. It has been bittersweet but we know we made the right decision. Thank you again.
Jill Lang DVM

We have a 3 year old boxer mix who was a rescue and we did not know much about him other than he had been left in back yard for the first 1 1/2 years of his life.  A sweet dog but very anxious and poor socialization skills.  When we would go on a walk he would lunge, bark, snap and generally freak out about other dogs and people.  When someone came to the door he would want to eat them.  If someone came in the house I would have to remove him. When my family came over he would jump on them and knock the grandchildren over. I started  him in dog obedience classes but he got too anxious with other dogs.  I hired a trainer to come to the house, she trained with a clicker and treats and despite daily practice and a lot of money we saw very little change.  We are dog people and have had many dogs and trainers during our 48 years of marriage but we were despairing and the other trainers made us feel bad about our dog.  Then we found Jade! We saw a change in him after the first session! The second session she walked in the door and he immediately sat without command at the site of Jade!  Jade understands the canine mind and can read your dog and teach you how to manage your particular dog.  She will be honest with you about your dog.  After four sessions, (one of which was with my family and grandchildren) and daily practice with no clickers, treats or rough commands he is a new dog. He is a pleasure to take on walks, has progressed in his door manners and can be around others in our home.  He still has a ways to go because Rome wasn't built in a day, so we continue our training on our own and see progress every day.  She also makes herself available to answer questions in between lessons. I was dumbfounded by that because no trainer I have ever had offered that to us!  She is fantastic and a blessing to our 4 legged companions. Call her today!!
Deborah and Daniel, Mesa, AZ

I just wanted to let you know that what I learned in your behavior seminar has really come in handy. Your teaching methods have been invaluable to us and our own canine pack of five. There are still issues but because of what I have learned from you we now live in a more peaceful household.
Bonnie Drescher, Phoenix, AZ

Being a first time dog owner, I was handed this 2.5 lb little bundle of joy and had no idea what I was doing!! Jade was an incredible support for me during Coco's puppy stage when I was frustrated. Her lessons and advice not only worked effectively, but they resonated with me far more than some of the mainstream dog training methods. Jade is a true professional and expert in her field. I highly recommend Jade to anyone looking for an effective dog trainer no matter breed or behavioral issue. She will take wonderful care of you and your best friend!

Grayce, Phoenix, AZ

We have a 6 yr. old, 80 lb. English Cream Golden Retriever with no training. He is a very gentle, lovable, pleaser of a dog.... but he had no recognition of personal boundaries, door greeting skills, and knew very little in the way of leash training. Whenever we encountered another dog on a walk, I wanted to turn the other way and avoid the situation. He would lunge, bark and just get WAY out of control. Training with Jade changed all this. After 4 training sessions, our dog is a pleasure to walk, we can take him in stores, the door isn't such a big deal anymore, and encountering other dogs is not a problem. What we realized is the training is for us as much as our dog. Jade talked, we listened & practiced with our dog, and our experience with him is completely different. Thank you, Jade!

Kevin and Julie, Phoenix, AZ

We enjoyed Jade’s unique style of positive reinforcement and we were able to train in our environment with the whole family. Dollar for dollar this is one of the best investments we have ever made. We are more relaxed and confident with our dogs and as a result they are too!
Sara & Todd, Phoenix, AZ

After my fiancé was finally at his wits ends with our recently adopted shelter dog, it was time to call for help before she ended up back where she came from.  Jade came to our home, and her love for animals truly shows. She was very patient with our dogs, and gave us lots of good information to help our pup succeed in our home with our house rules. My boyfriend really took the information to heart, and training our little one has become a team effort. Jade was reasonable priced, quick to help, and she helped me keep my puppy! She even called 2 days after on training session to see how everything was going. I couldn't be more grateful!
Dana, Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. I truly believe the vet/client/pet relationship isn’t complete without a knowledgeable trainer/behaviorist. I’m lucky to have you as part of our team.
Kelly Collins, DVM, Scottsdale , AZ


Thank you so much for helping us through our emergency with Teddy. Your compassion and advice were so helpful and all your phone calls made me feel supported. Teddy is doing well and will soon be ready for the Canine Good Citizen class. Thank you again for everything…your kindness is really rare.
Teri Goodman, Scottsdale, AZ

We are thrilled with the results of our private dog training lessons with Team Canine. Ives only wishes they could train our kids!
Ives, financial planner, Monica, special ed. Teacher,kids, Monique & Kyle with Bingo & Slinky, Scottsdale, AZ

Jade was wonderful and helped us immensely with Finley our 3 1/2 year old Morkie.  Jade is patient, well-trained and very informative with her descriptions as to why a dog does what he does.  She explained what we needed to do for our dog and ourselves to have a complete family package of love, listening and affection.  Highly recommend!

Cindy, Phoenix AZ

Chance, our golden retriever, has been an absolute pleasure and a joy to live with. You have given us the knowledge we needed to unlock the mind of our dog and see the world through his eyes. Now we communicate so well that he knows what we want with not much more than a look! Thank you for your help and expertise in canine behavior…
D.L. & Chris Culiver and family

This morning was the 4th lesson (there's a great deal on a 4-lesson package) we had for our almost 4-year old Airedale that we got last August from the Humane Society. It was obvious when we got Gabby that she had not been treated well by her prior owner, and the online research wasn't helping, nor were the lessons at Petco or the Cesar Millan DVDs we borrowed. Jade was recommended to us by our vet.
As many others have noted, it's not just the dog being being trained, it's the owners, too. We have learned so much on topics like barking, getting her to come when we call her, dealing with visitors at the front door, coming across other dogs (or just them barking behind fences) during walks.  Jade has shown how to handle these and other situations, and we've learned that to be successful, we have to be consistent.  We've made good progress over the past month and we'll continue to apply the lessons we've learned.  And if we run into any issues, Jade can be reached by phone or text to guide us through. I expect that we'll sign up for more lessons but over the next month or so, we'll be practicing and consulting our notes.
Bottom line is that I'd highly recommend Jade.  And I appreciate if she's running a little late, she'll call or text in advance; not many service providers coming to my home do that.

Bill, Phoenix, AZ

Jade Tamara truly is a dog whisperer. Using no physical punishment, harsh techniques, or raising their voice, she was able to help me train my 130lb English Mastiff “Puppy” so well that my eight year old granddaughter can now easily take him for walks. We have learned to replace physical force with whispering and understanding how he learns.
Barbara Heeney, Scottsdale, AZ