TRAINING:  really its canine coaching for humans


Dogs learn differently than we do. For the most part, people rely very heavily on verbal language; in fact a great part of our learning is through verbal communication. It’s natural for us to want to teach our pets in the same manner in which we learn. We must understand that verbal language is a very small percentage of a dog’s communication. The majority is body language, eye contact and trial and error. Most of our dogs will figure out what we’re trying to teach them, usually in spite of our efforts; however, to effectively teach our dogs all the things that we deem appropriate it’s our job to learn how to communicate to them in a language that they understand in order to help them learn. Using the natural forms of communication that all pack animals use with each other, training can be quick, easy and most importantly painless.


Private lessons are customized to fit your personal needs and wants.  I can work in your home or office on anything from puppy housebreaking all the way to behavioral issues.  Private lessons are a great way to get everyone in your family involved and have the opportunity to work with your dog on very specific training to meet your families lifestyle.

Ready to schedule your private puppy or dog training? Call or text 480-695-1491.  Team Canine™ Inc is up for the challenge.  Team Canine, Inc travels to Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Fountain Hills, Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa.

Call to inquire about travel outside of these areas.


Whether you need help coaching your puppy, pet dog, problematic dog, service dog (hearing alert, mobility dog, some medical alert dogs, PTSD dogs), Therapy dog or a dog for Film-TV-Print, Jade can assist you in training:

  • basic manners at home and in public
  • door & guest behavior
  • behavior modification
  • barking
  • jumping
  • bolting
  • potty training
  • anxieties
  • aggressions
  • and more